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Good to Know

Music Therapy: More Than Just Entertainment

Sounds, rhythms, vibrations. These are all aspects of the human experience that we have been using for entertainment for centuries. Music can be much more than entertainment. It can be healing, provocative, emotional. All themes that are also common in mental health counseling. Check out how music therapy can be useful for you! 

Resilience Is Your Superpower

The past 2 and a half years have been particularly challenging for people. The combination of a worldwide viral pandemic, political unrest and the gradual distancing of connections between people, have left many feeling lonely and in distress. The power of resilience has never been more important. "Resilience is not about being “happy.” Resilience is to adapt and recover after a difficult experience".

What You Can Expect From Therapy

The mental health stigma has been slowly eroding over the past 10 years. However, it remains a strong barrier to people seeking out treatment. Thus, mental health counseling may be new to many people and there are a lot of questions that one may have about the process. Check out the guide linked above for some answers!

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